Friday, July 27, 2007

The breakthrough painting

I have struggled in my paintings to find a way to show the intimate relationship between man made structures and the natural environment. I am fascinated by the way the two types of space affect each other. I have had a break through and have begun a new series. I will continue to do my more traditional landscapes that explore the duality of man interacting with his environment and not always acknowledging his impact. I will also start to explore how nature pushes back against man's structures, often committing slow violence against the offending structures. I have begun a series that shows how outbuildings, which are often created for entirely functional reasons become changed by their environment. Water, bugs, and sunlight decay these buildings over a long period of time and, because they are entirely functional and still fulfill their function are not "kept up" by the people who use them. More on these themes in the coming days.

Double Window
Acrylic on canvas
25" x 40"

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